Can't get LVGL 9.0's LVGL_Arduino sketch to run on Pi Pico or ESP32


Can’t get LVGL 9.0 running in Arduino

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

Raspberry Pi Pico, ESP32
Using 3.6.3 version of Arduino-Pico and latest stable of arduino-esp32

What LVGL version are you using?

9.0.0, installed via Arduino Library Manager

What do you want to achieve?

Successfully running the LVGL 9.0 version of the LVGL_Arduino sketch

What have you tried so far?

Successfully tested TFT_eSPI on both platforms (both using ILI9341 display in SPI mode)
Set up lv_conf.h to enable its inclusion and enable TFT_eSPI
Compile LVGL_Arduino sketch for both platforms (no errors)
No examples or demos are enabled, only the code that should show the label in LVGL_Arduino

When I upload the code to either platform, nothing appears on the screen. The Pico locks up so that the serial port is no longer available and I have to depower and use the bootsel button to get it back into UF2 mode.

The same hardware and TFT_eSPI configurations were working with the LVGL_Arduino script included with LVGL 8.3.11.