Can't draw clear text


My problem is like the picture below. Only the text didn’t draw well, and I can’t understand why - all the other objects like - the box, wheel, or any other on the benchmark example … are getting drawn as expected, almost perfectly but still very few artifacts, only the text getting corrupted.

Im using STM32 H7 and ili9488 LCD controller and DMA2D to transfer the data to FMC serves as the interface to the ili9488. The cache is disabled, RGB565, DBI type B 8080.

I want to draw clear text but with no luck.

void rounder_cb(lv_disp_drv_t * disp_drv, lv_area_t * area)
	  /* Update the areas as needed.
	   * For example it makes the area to start only on 8th rows and have Nx8 pixel height.
	   area->y1 = area->y1 & 0xfff8;	//1111,1111,1111,1000
	   area->x1 = area->x1 & 0xfff8;
	   area->y2 = (area->y2 & 0xfff8) + 8 - 1;
	   area->x2 = (area->x2 & 0xfff8) + 8 - 1;

void ili9488_flush_cb(lv_disp_drv_t *disp, const lv_area_t *area,
		lv_color_t *color_p) {

	int height = lv_area_get_height(area);
	int width = lv_area_get_width(area);

	//Set the drawing region
	set_Window(area->x1, area->x2  , area->y1,  area->y2 );



	HAL_DMA2D_Start_IT(&hdma2d, (uint32_t)(color_p),
					(uint32_t)(0x60000000 | 0x0080000),
					(uint32_t)(width) ,