Can't compile lv_examples on lv_arduino with ESP32

I’m using lv_arduino on an ESP32 and a ILI9488. That is working as I can create button and sliders.

Now I want to try the lv_examples tutorial:

I copied the lv_examples directory next to the lv_arduino directory.

Rename lv_ex_conf_templ.h to lv_ex_conf.h and enabled the #if

In my setup code I added lv_test_theme_1() but its given a compile error of
error: ‘lv_test_theme_1’ was not declared in this scope

Is there any other things I need to do to make it compile ? I think some of the path is not correct but can’t figure out where.

LV_USE_TESTS needs to be 1 in lv_ex_conf.h:

Yes, I have

#define LV_USE_TESTS 1

in lv_ex_conf.h

Any other settings I need to make ?

You also need to include lv_test_theme_1.h.

#include "lv_examples/lv_tests/lv_test_theme/lv_test_theme_1.h"

Thank you embeddedt I’ve got it working now.

Something was strange with my system and I had to mess about with the path.