Can you share a sample application with LVGL 8 without touchscreen?

I am using ST7789 lcd with ESP32. Can you give an example of a single button without a touch screen in version 8 with Arduino? I connected the button to the 2nd pin of the ESP32. I’m waiting for your help.

LVGL is available as an Arduino library. See Arduino — LVGL documentation

In the current master demos are merged to lvgl itslef but this version is not released yet. You can simply download lvgl and copy in among your libraries.

I can use some examples in the library. Example: Running the button example with external button without touch. When the external button is pressed, it should behave as if the button on the screen was pressed. Can you share a simple piece of code? Thanks

Does LVGL and display already work?

If so this parts of the docs should help.

Lvgl and screen are working. I see the samples on the tft screen. I need full sample code working with external button on Arduino. Thank you for your attention

I can not create a full Arduino example with GPIO read and other low level things but it should be clear how and where to add them from the linked docs.

What the blocking part?