Can not delete the KB on the top layer



What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

Board 746DISCO, KEIL , DEV6.0

What do you experience?

I found there have an issue. When creating a list on the top layer and pressing the EDIT btn to enter a edit mode. A container with KB and TA creat on the same top layer. After the editing , press the CLOSE btn to close the KB and TA. In most case ,the KB and TA were successfully deleted. But there have a chance that the container for KB and TA were deleted and the obj pointer = 0,but the container with KB and TA were still on the screen and could still be edited. The close btn is still active to call the MemEditPageRelece function but FAIL to delete the container.

What do you expect?

Could you advise me the proper way to debug? It is a critical issue as the gui were stop on the KB page.

Code to reproduce

Code for deleting the container. The MemEditPage was the container and the MembasePage was the root container on the top layer.

void MemEditPageRelece(){

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Hi, embeddedt,
I have edited my post .Is that right?
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Please add a come example which can be copy-pasted to the Simulator to see the issue. Not an entire file but only a simplified code snippet to demonstrate the problem.

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Hi, kisvegabor,
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The original code is too complex to paste here . I am trying to simplify it. Or could you advise me the proper way to debug?
The key is the parent MemEditPage were deleted and set to 0, but his child ,the KB ,TA and close btn were still on the top layer and the failed case were 5-10% of the total and I have no idea to set the check point when it happened . I am using the 1MB SDRAM space for the lv_mem and sure there have plenty of free room for lvg.

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You need to create a minimal example that can reproduce the problem. The basic idea is here:

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