Can Arc be rotated in anticlockwise direction

Is it possible to rotate arc in anticlockwise? I mean can we move the indicator in arc in anticlockwise direction using any API?
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If you use LVGL 8+ version, you can use:

lv_arc_set_mode(arc, LV_ARC_MODE_REVERSE)

Thanks @martin023 . Its working for me. Can you tell me if any similar kind of API used for reversing the direction in meter. I want to try the same thing with meter example.

Try this:

   lv_obj_t * meter = lv_meter_create(lv_scr_act());
   lv_obj_set_size(meter, 200, 200);

   lv_meter_scale_t * scale = lv_meter_add_scale(meter);
   lv_meter_set_scale_ticks(meter, scale, 41, 2, 10, lv_palette_main(LV_PALETTE_GREY));
   lv_meter_set_scale_major_ticks(meter, scale, 8, 4, 15, lv_color_black(), 10);

   lv_meter_set_scale_range(meter, scale, 100, 0, 270, 135);
   indic = lv_meter_add_needle_line(meter, scale, 4, lv_palette_main(LV_PALETTE_GREY), -10);

You can change the indicator value with this command:

 lv_meter_set_indicator_value(meter, indic, i);

Thanks @martin023 . I’ll surely try this and let you know.