Calendar and Roller not show correctly at 480x272 in the Demo widgets

Hi there,


Thanks to your examples, documentation and your help, I have been able to run LvGL (6) on F746NG with MbedOS in the past. I also made a “guide” how to start with the Mbed and the LVGL for beginners/hobist, like I am. I have now updated to version 7 of the LVGL.
When I checked the new demo then I found some issues on the Selectors page with the calendar and the roller, on the 480x272 resolution.

  • the calendar has an issue with its font or column size when the calendar’s dimensions are lower then 220x220.
  • In the roller the text is cutted out when it is out of selected row. Probably also dimension size.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

STM32 Discovery F746NG (480x272)

Code to reproduce

No code is needed, just run the simulator with 480x272 resolution and you will see.

Screenshot and/or video


BR, Jan

The demo should auto-resize itself to accommodate that display size. I usually run it on F746G as well and have never seen any problems.

I’m compiling the latest version right now to test it; in the meantime, can you check that you are using these values for display sizes in lv_conf.h?

You’re right; I’ve just tested it and I am seeing the same thing you are.

Ok, and yes, I use same values, usually I let all settings in the default. Same result I have from simulator, how I wrote.

Have you set LV_DPI correctly?

I’ve just tried it and it was broken with the default DPI too.

I’ve pushed a fix to lv_example/master.

With all lv_conf.h as defaults lv_ex_calendar_1() also does the same,

Setting the size to 265x265 (from 235x235) resolves it.

I’ve fixed it by setting a smaller font for the date numbers: