C Array Image of Indexed 16 color too big

I am ready to use lvgl instead of emwin for my project.
A problem for me is that the image handled by the image converter is too big for my hardware.
I dig the into the bitmap from the segger image converter. The image is compressed by RLE. And its palette is always like:
static GUI_CONST_STORAGE GUI_COLOR _ColorsPalette[] = {
0x000000, 0x111111, 0x222222, 0x333333,
0x444444, 0x555555, 0x666666, 0x777777,
0x888888, 0x999999, 0xAAAAAA, 0xBBBBBB,

So I always use one palette for all the images.
Is there any suggestion to compress the images for lvgl?

Unfortunately, the LittlevGL image converter does not have built-in support for compressing images. Have you tried one of the indexed color formats to see if that helps with the size problem?

As @embeddedt mentioned there is no built-in solution to decompress images.

However lvgl has an image decoder interface which allows to attach any type of custom image decoder.