ButtonMatrix custom button


So I’m trying to have a matrix of button say
{btn1, btn2, btn3 }
{btn4, btn5, btn6 }
{btn7, btn8, btn9 }

I could do this easily with lv_btnmatrix_set_map, but how can I customize the button with some image ?
Wouldn’t be easier if btn_matrix was just containing a matrix and that we insert the btn we wish to have on each cell ?
I tryied using tileView instead, but the matrix positioning is unclear.
At this point I wonder if it’s not easier to create my matrixView from scratch.!

Screenshot and/or video


You’ll need to either create individual button objects or use a symbol. The button matrix doesn’t support images. It’s designed to be used for cases where a lot of lightweight buttons are required (e.g. a keyboard).