Button elements on screen directly

With 8.3.6 tag, I notice that if I have button or clickable element on the screen directly, if I swipe starting from outside a button and swipe through it, it will capture that button when I lift off the finger outside of the button. However, if I place components into a panel, this behavior doesn’t happen. Instead it does what I would expect which is only capture the button if I start the press from within the button.

If this is expected behavior maybe this note will help others. Otherwise, this may be a bug.


By default the screens are not clickable so when you press a screen, LVGL does nothing. When teh your fingers slides to the button, LVGL recognizes the button as pressed.

However panels are clickable, so when you press it “locks” the press even if you move your finger abuut the button.

To get you you need you can call lv_obj_add_flag(scr, LV_OBJ_FLAG_CLICKABLE);

Ah, I see. SquareLine Studio has the “Clickable” flag checked for the screen, but the code generated does not add the flag. I assume that is because it is the default flag for other widgets. Thanks for the answer.