Building lv_micropython with the latest commit causing errors

I am trying to build with latest commit of lv_micropython. But make -j -C mpy-cross is causing quite a few errors.

platform : Ubuntu
GCC version: gcc (Ubuntu 11.3.0-1ubuntu1~22.04.1) 11.3.0
Board : RP2040
Driver: ST7796

Below is screenshot of some of the errors.

Bring up the context:

  • what version of gcc are you using
  • on which platform you are building
  • for which target you want to build

Besides that, it´s generally a good idea to stick to a release tag rather than to follow the latest commit: latest commit is per se a work in progress and not necessarily yet aligned with all submodules.
Try the lv_micropython v1.20 (was merged few days ago, lv_micropython is now aligned to micropython 1.20) together with the latest LVGL release v8.3.7

Also: screenshots of errors are a bad idea. They are not parseable,one cannot copy text, and search engines do not index their content !

I have updated the context…Hopefully that will give a better idea. I used the latest release tag as suggested

  1. git clone --branch v1.20.0
  2. cd lv_micropython
  3. git submodule update --init --recursive lib/lv_bindings

Step 3 is giving error: pathspec 'lib/lv_bindings' did not match any file(s) known to git

I checked .gitmodules lv_bindings is not configured here as well.

The same error is visible with 1.19.1 as well

v1.20.0 is Micropython (upstream) tag. It does not include LVGL, therefore lib/lv_bindings git submodule is missing there.

If you want to build Micropython+LVGL you need to either use the master branch or release/v8 branch, as described here: Micropython v1.20.0

I also suggest you try to clean/delete and build from scratch.

I’m trying to keep lv_micropython master branch stable enough. For that purpose, every PR or commit passes multiple tests building it on different ports and running all LVGL Python examples automatically.

While it’s still possible there would be issues with latest commit of master branch, it’s fairly rare and I believe many people are relying on master branch.

If you are looking for the most stable and tested version, you can use release/v8 branch on lv_micropython. But then you won’t have latest Micropython. LVGL v8 is also a bit behind.


I can confirm, that latest lv_micropython master commit is stable (ports: unix, esp32), I also deployed port ESP32 - boards: M5Core2 and LilyGo TWatch2020 (board definition not yet pushed to git), and both work on real devices.
(there are only 2 LVGL related bugs, but those does not affect lv_micropython 1.20.0 build)

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I did as you suggested cleaned, deleted and built from scratch and they are no errors. I used the latest commit from the master.