Building a binary module of LVGL to load into an esp32 micropython ... using esp-idf v5.1

I’m an experienced “porter” and MCU developer.
I’ve just this week discovered micropython.
I read that native C can build binaries that micropython can use.
I also read that lvgl doesn’t like esp-idf 5…

Can anyone experienced here give me their “brain dump” on the steps I’ll have to run through to get something working, and any “gotchas” I might run into?

My test board has an ili934x display and CST820 touch (i2c) - it shipped with working source which builds in arduino ( 8.83€ |Esp32 arduino lvgl wifi & bluetooth entwicklungs karte 2.4 and GitHub - NoosaHydro/2.4inch_ESP32-2432S024 )

p.s. here is how to compile “c” into a binary python module: Native machine code in .mpy files — MicroPython latest documentation
(tested - works nicely!)