Boot-up or Loading screen IDEA

Hello dear friends,
I am looking for some ideas for the boot-up screen. I have some modules that might be present or not at the boot-up time. Boot up should maximally take up to 10 seconds. My ideas are using arc, spinner, or some check box that shows the presence of the modules.

Then after the checks, either the blue screen or main screen will load.

Thank you for your help.

These seem possible with the arc and checkbox widgets. What problems have you found?

To tell the truth, I have used an arc widget, but I don’t know why it made it undebuggable, although everything was working. But I needed to debug the screens after the loading screen. When I start debugging, after completing boot up, it goes to the hardfault section. But in normal case, it goes as it is considered to go.

I suggest enabling all LV_USE_ASSERT_...s in lv_conf.h. Hopefully, it reveals the problem.