Best way of msgbox autoclose with animation in 8.3?

Hello everyone.
i am faced with huge changes in code since 7.11
in my old code there was simple method that calls messagebix and closes it after delay.
now a lot of methods that was working before was deleted by devs of lvgl

void ShowMessage(lv_obj_t* parent,char msg[],int closedelay)
lv_obj_t * mbox1 = lv_msgbox_create(parent, NULL);
lv_obj_add_protect(mbox1, LV_PROTECT_CLICK_FOCUS);
lv_msgbox_set_text(mbox1, msg);
lv_obj_set_width(mbox1, 500);
lv_obj_align(mbox1, NULL, LV_ALIGN_CENTER, 0, 0); 
lv_obj_add_style(mbox1, LV_OBJ_PART_MAIN, style_pointer);
lv_msgbox_start_auto_close(mbox1, closedelay);

as i see i should implement manually a lot of things
(animation+messagebox object delete callback)
or there are some methods that can exchange this deleted functionality?

Hello void, I have this problem too, did you find something?

in lv_msgbox.c, I read the definition of “lv_msgbox_close”, according to my understanding, in the definition of the function, first, it is checked that parent of msg is not null, if the parent is not null it use the “lv_use_del” function

In my case, the parent of the message is not null therefore for the auto-close of msg, I think I can use the “lv_obj_del_delayed” function that is defined in lv_obj_tree.c