Best Practices - Multiple Screens or Hidden Panels?

I am curious to hear what is the best way to implement this pattern with LVGL:

On the left panel, I have a roller (tumbler) with multiple options. When the user clicks on one of the options, I want to display a different panel on the right. I see two ways to approach this with EdgeLine:

a) put all the panels in one screen all hidden. When the user clicks an option, unhide the matching panel and hide all others.

b) put each panel on a different screen (like the demo) and switch between screens.

Is there a preferred way to do this? Any advantage of one over the other?

In this case, I’d use hide/unhide. With multiple screens the left panel would have many instances with the very same content for each screen.

In v1.0 there will be event actions to hide/unhide object, so the whole logic can be added in EdgeLine.

That makes sense. Thanks