Best hardware combination

Hi I am totally new to lvgl, I would like to get some proposals about displays and controllers.
I want to use esp32 not with Arduino ide or patformio, an display of 7-9 inches with capacitive touch that supports multiple touch. Animation to be good also. I see that several displays are supported but I can not identify best case that works perfectly with lvgl
Could you please propose like:
Esp32: wroover dev kit with 8mb ram/4mb spram
Display controller: Some controller name
Touch: touch code controller name
A link to an display that can be bought would have been great also.
Thank you in advance

Normal ESP32 is usually suitable for 320x240 displays, or if you can accept lower FPS 480x320 still can work.

However 7-9" display usually have >= 800x480 resolution for which ESP32 will be slow :frowning:

So esp32 wroover like this

is ok for 320x240 ,
For bigger displays 5-7-9’’ where you have 800x480 what should i use and also which display could be better for lvgl?

I suggest looking for some NXP i.MX RT or STM32F7, or STM32H7 boards/MCUs.

From what i understand this is the replacement of esp32. Unfortunately you open for me several questions.
For SMT32xx mcu i see tones of version and several evaluation board that have high cost and big size. Is there any low price solution that can work?
Also this means that i have to learn how to code for SMT32xx is there any guide , tutorial that you can propose?

Let me add one more question: What display controller is preffered?

Hi, the higher the display resolution the higher the need for a CPU with more flash memory and RAM. A compromise can be the ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 modules with 16MB of flash and 8MB RAM. The ESP32 do not have an integrated GPU and dedicated video buses like other ICs like STM32F7 STM32H7 etc … The only way to drive the displays is to use an 8 or 16 bit parallel interface that uses almost all the pins of the ESP32 -S3. The SPI interface is very slow and therefore FPS is very low.
It is difficult to find large displays with 8/16bits bus with integrated controller (GPU) because they usually have 8/8/8 RGB bus and/or Mipi serial digital interface. Some have LVDS interface.

i use this esp32 30 pin version and all work fine:

But i use a display Ili 9488 how you can see in this video:

Dear gabriele i have an ili948 and i could not even make it start. I have made another post in get start section if you have time please take a look , to give me any idea maybe i lost some thing on the setup.

Gianz it seems that it is a good idea to start with stm32 but from H7 all nucleo 144 boards are out of stock. Also the F7 from what i see that seems good.
Which H7 or F7 will you propose?

One more question is there any stm32 with wifi that it is similar with H7 series. It seems to me that it is better to get a H7 and place a wifi module.

You have try my project?..if i remember i have also included files of setup for LVGL lib, so rename yours setup files and try this, and how you read, i use still version 7.11 of library

In this topic i have understood about MCU for bigger displays but is there any proposal for what display controller to prefer for displays bigger or equal to 7’’ that really works with lvgl, it seems that RA8875 is not the best one.

i could not run your project there are many issues in compilation and i did not see the pin setup somewhere

For compilation i use Arduino Ide, pin setup is in ConnectionDiagram.png, LVGL conf file is in LVGL dir, i use LVGL 7.11 and TFT 1.0.5
Yes this libraries is not simply in configuration, also because they can be used with different hardware, need some times and test.