Are the chart examples rendering OK for others?

When I view the examples the charts all “stick” to one type and all look alike. I’ve tried 3 different browsers.

It’s fixed in master. See Chart (lv_chart) — LVGL documentation

cc @embeddedt

I’ll attempt to respin the 8.0-8.2 docs when I have time, but I don’t know if the workflow still works a year later. :laughing:

@kisvegabor Since this is affecting pages we haven’t updated in months, I think what’s happened is that GitHub started redirecting URLs that are missing a / a bit differently and the query parameter gets cached incorrectly in the process.

It looks good in master. Thanks guys for a great product!

I’m not sure it’s worth the risk :slight_smile:

True; I may just hand-edit the HTML files to fix it, then. That shouldn’t carry any risk.

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