Arduino IDE LVGL ESP32S3 display disaster

I have a wizee 5" HMI display, I’ve already lost 1 month and it still doesn’t want to work, I’ve tried everything but I always get a lot of error messages. All the demos provided by the manufacturer don’t work or have errors in the libraries. The only thing what works is the factory flash with bin files. Has anyone managed to get something compiled? Maybe using Square Line Studio? Could you share your experience or suggestion in the community, there are many of us with this problem.

I’m using an ESP32S3 display

Arduino ESP32S3 espressif 2.014
LVGL kisvegabor 3.3
Adafruit GFX library 1.11.0
Arduino GFX library 1.0.0

Thanks to anyone who wants to share


Why on earth are you using such an old version of LVGL?? The latest version that has just been released in version 9.1.0

Also form what you have said it makes me think that you are flashing the board with MicroPython.

thanks for your reply, I use the old version of LVGL because Elecrow technical support told me so. Many people have problems with these displays because the demos are all not working, so I asked for help from someone who already had a sketch that works at least to compile a hello world.

If you can get a pinout list for the display I can help you out getting LVGL version 9 running using the ESP-IDF without needing to use the Arduino IDE which really mucks things up quite a bit. It also doesn’t allow you to use the double buffering features that are built into LVGL.

Get me all of the information you can on your display and I can help you out.

Thanks for your availability, but Elecrow has finally clarified the file to use, I compiled it and it works well. I thank you anyway, you were very kind

Regards NEX