Arduino IDE examples?

Are there any working examples of multiple features of the LVGL functionality for the Arduino IDE + ESP32 (with /IL9431 or similar TFT w/touch) that uses just TFT_eSPI and does NOT use FreeRTOS?

I can not find anything other than the simple hello world and the slider examples. I would like to see code for the keyboard, buttons, icons, etc. I do not use PlatformIO or Visual Studio. I want something where I don’t have to ever see a command line interface to set it up (which is why I like the Arduino IDE). I am a very long time assembly programmer, so C/C++ is enough of a learning curve and the Arduino IDE makes that pretty simple.

Ideally, I would love to have the demos that are on the main website generate code that would compile (without any effort) under the Arduino IDE just by loading the project and clicking compile.

I have a rather large IoT contract and I am looking at various GUI options, and LVGL seems like the ideal solution. I just can’t get anything more than a hello world text to appear. :slight_smile:

Take a moment to see the official documents. 不香吗

Hi, the last version of lv_arduino examples for ESP32 doesn’t use any RTOS functions AFAIK. Actually you can use every example from examples with just little effort because lv_arduino is just pre-configured version of LVGL and simple examples of how to flush output from LVGL to the TFT.

I have been informed by LVGL that they are aware of the issue with not having many real world examples that are directly Arduino compatible and they are currently discussing this matter to determine how to resolve it. I guess I will wait until that is worked out.

For the record, the mentioned discussion is here: