Arabic and Persian support seems to fail in some cases

Hi everyone,
We are using LVGL v7.11.0 and we have enabled both Arabic and Persian support and bidirectional support. However, some of the arabic characters remain unchanged as their isolated form no matter their position (start, middle or end). This is the case for the following texts (we are not even sure if they make sense):
I have taken a look at ap_chars_map[] constant (lv_txt_ap.c) and there seems not to be special rules for any of the characters.
Any help concerning thois issue would be more than welcome. Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,


Do you mean these characters are not listed in ap_chars_map? If so and they should be we can extend the list with them. In this case, can you send a Pull request?

Hi Gabor,
Thanks for your quick response. I mean that ۉڵڡ is represented as ۉ ڵ ڡ. (please do not mind the spaces). I guess some special rules should be applied. I don’t know the way to do it (or even if it makes sense), updating the ap_chars_map was just a supposition.

If the issue can be resolved by updating ap_chars_map I think this would be the best.

Could you send a Pull request?

Hi @kisvegabor,
We don’t speak/write Arabic. These are some characters we have found by trial-error, but we don’t know if there are more characters whose Arabic support is missing. Moreover, we don’t master the algorithms using ap_chars_map[].

You can check out the theme first, its owner may be able to help you

Hi @juneofive,
Thanks for your support. We are not using lv_font_dejavu_16_persian_hebrew, but our own font. We have checked our code and this does not seem related to themes or styles.