Anyone have a "Hello world" using esp-idf and LVGL using esp-idf on a LilyGo TTGO?

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What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

LilyGo ESP32 TTGO (soldered ST7789V 135x240) with esp-idf 5.1 (no diff trying with 4.x though)

What do you want to achieve?

“Hello world” using LVGL to show “hello world” on the ST7789V display.

What have you tried so far?

Trying the examples in esp-idf, esp-idf/examples/peripherals/lcd/tjpgd works with the modifications suggested by But that’s just rendering a bitmap, not LVGL.

With same hardware, none of the examples in esp-idf/examples/peripherals/lcd/lv_port_esp32 except for turn on the backlight. A working example would be super helpful.

Code to reproduce

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Screenshot and/or video

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Hello :slight_smile: Did you manage to find a good example project for esp-idf and LilyGO TTGO Display S3 module?

If not, have a look at my repository that I have created:

It contains a very basic LVGL window example. I run it on esp-idf v5.0.1 on the module:

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This works great! Thank you for sending it me. Very nice work on your part.