Anyone Experienced with Nscreen32

Hello to all,

Firstly i get a chance to try simulated work into a practical era and i have Nscreen32 board from Yeacreate. However, i couldn’t really understand how to develop an application into the board. It says LVGL certified board but no support on how to!

When i follow the tutorial series in the academy, it shows the setting up the board before the actual work start but the problem is i cannot find even the touch controller in the dropped list of the idf. If someone experienced with the board, any help would be appreciated.


I have been interested in this board, but I don’t have any experience yet.
Did you check out their Github demo project?

Thanks for your reply

I am glad to announce i have programmed the board successfully. For the record the Platform io is quite necessary tool for programming the Nscreen32 board. If you go through setup via ESP-idf, things can get quite complicated you would probably end up searching for a missing driver of the touch controller (Goodix). However the demo on the github provides the necessary documents and can be easily attached to the Platform IO.

Do you know if the board has a way to control the backlight brightness e.g. via GPIO or TFT command?

Unfortunately the board does not support backlight control.