Anthill regulator


I inaugurate the new forum to explain you my project.

I make a regulator for artificial anthill

Exotic ants need specific climate, the regulator must regulate it. It could by used for reptile too

For a anthill I need :

  • 1 or 2 temperature/humidity sensor (depending of the size of the anthill), for example 1 for the nest and 1 for the hunting area
  • A fog generator, a heater and a fan

Hardware :

  • Raspberry pi zero wh
  • bme280 sensor for humidity and temperature
  • 3 bluetooth smart plug to control fog, heater and fan
  • An OLED screen

Software :

  • Acquire and store data from sensor in mysql database
  • Display actual data and consult historical data/alert with a small chart with LittlevGL
  • May be a small web server to consult data
  • Control bluetooth smart plug to regule the climate
  • Have a database for different species to quickly install a new anthill (pre-configuration)
  • Send alert (mail/sms) if the regulator detect a problem and can’t regulate the climate

It is a small project, but I have some work because I have little experience in embedded dev.

Thanks for your attention

Have fun


It looks like a very interesting project! Could you share some photos?

Yes sure.

The farm is still in progress but this is some pics :slight_smile:

this is the hunting area, silicone sealant dries

This is the nest, it will be connected to the hunting area with a flexible tube

This is one of the girl, it is a Harpegnatos Venator worker, they come from asia, their size is on average 1.5 cm

And this my prototype

Sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:

Update :

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