Announcing the latest release of NXP's GUI Guider

First, thank you very much to this community for the feedback and use of GUI Guider. We are excited to announce the latest release of GUI Guider v1.1

If you unfamiliar with GUI Guider it is a user-friendly UI development tool that enables the rapid development of graphical displays with LVGL and NXP’s general purpose and crossover MCUs.

GUI Guider’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to utilize the many features of LVGL such as widgets, animations, and styles to create a GUI with minimal or no coding at all. Generated code can easily be added to an existing MCUXpresso project, allowing you to seamlessly include an embedded UI in your application.

NXP is committed to the continued development of GUI Guider and it’s support of LVGL and this community. In additional to this LVGL community, please consider providing feedback or requesting support from the GUI Guider community space.

Learn more at

Release Notes for GUI Guider v1.1


How does it compare to Edgeline?

Any legal restrictions on code/designs that are generated with that tool?

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Which is a good, low cost IMXRT board that this could be used with for evaluation? The prices on the NXP website seem to be wildly different to what is listed on the distributor (mouser, digikey, etc) pages.


GUI Guider and Edgeline are two approaches to address the same goal. Making development of an LVGL UI a more efficient task.
The biggest difference will really be the constraint that GUI Guider is for use with NXP devices, while Edgeline will be open to all devices.

Regarding the legal restrictions please review the NXP click-thru agreement as part of the download process, but in general the code generated by the tool can be used in production, the limitation being that it can only be used on an NXP microcontroller.


Right now the lowest cost i.MX RT development board that is supported out of the box with GUI Guider (meaning that there is a ready to use template in the application and SDK examples to use as a starting point) would the the i.MX RT1050 (IMXRT1050-EVKB).

There seems to be good quantities available from the usual distribution channels and the associated display is also readily available.

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