AMOLED RM69090 display

Hello everyone,

I’m working with an Amoled RM69090 device, and I’m able to communicate with it using the spi interface.
But I’m having trouble displaying the image. Can somebody explain me how to set the RGB for this module? I attempted to fix it but couldn’t.

Have you solved your problem? I also encountered the same problem, and I found the problem. In the RM69xxx manual, there is a description of registers 0x2A and 0x2B: “The SC [9:0] and EC [9:0] - SC [9:0]+1 must be visible by 2.” However, I still don’t know how to solve it.

Hi, did you overcome this difficulty? I bought a 450x600 Amoled display with (almost) the same driver IC. I am wondering whether you wrote the driver straight from the datasheet or whether the source-code is available somewhere?