Advice of a Touch screen for STM32

thanks a lot in advance for any advice. I’m new and have never programmed a Touch Screen. Only the classic and boring 2x16 and 4x32 display.
My project could split into 2 different options:

  1. HW Rasperry + Tool CodeBlocks (C++) and LittlevGL library
  2. HW STM32 Nucleo + Tool System Workbench for STM32.

For each, I would need a Touch screen. I would like totally the second option, but it is not up to me.
Can anyone recommend me one a Touch screen RGB 4-6 inches for both options? I don’t have experience on it and on LittlevGL.



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Take a look at

Thank you. My question was about a model.
I have seen that is quite famous ILI9341 TFT.
Anyone has had experience with STM32 and this display?

I am not sure what kind of touch you are using but if you are using resistive touch with 4 wires there is a library


you can use that library and port it for your stm32. It is completely working. and for adc in your stm32, I recommned you to use two different adc and use it in injected mode.
and last thing use calibration method

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I m not using any display yet. I m looking at it. Adafruit it is a good company but they says that they support only Arduino and Raspberry.