Adding Image to screen cause endless adjustments

I’m trying Edgeline v0.3. Here’s what I’m seeing:

  1. I created a screen and labeled it “SplashScreen”.
  2. I created a 2nd screen, left it with the default name of “Screen2”
  3. I added a .png image to the asset tab using the “Add File Into Assets” button
  4. Then I added the image to the “SplashSreen” screen.
  5. The image size (1780x585) was much larger than the screen size (480x320). So I attempted to resize the image inside of EdgeLine, when I clicked on the image I did not see any selection box to drag so I edited Width to 480 then I attempted to edit height.

At this point the UI is in some sort of loop of adjusting the width and height, the height is cycling through different values (585, 58 5 then back to 585) and width of 480, 48 back to 480.

I tried to edit both the width and height but no effect. I am running this under Windows 10.

After some additional investigations, it appears that EdgeLine won’t resize the image. So I guess I should go post something in the feature request topic for resizing images.

But nonetheless, it shouldn’t be in a endless image window size change.

Thanks, we will investigate it.

I find this behaviour on all widgets, they will flicker between two sizes, missing the final digit I put in.