Adding/Changing Characters on Keyboard

Hi, I have a question about the characters on the keyboard buttons.

I found that the emulated keyboards are made by an array which includes all of the letters and numbers and symbols to put on each button. If I want to add an array that would create a keyboard, say, with Russian characters on it instead of English letters, what would I need to change? I don’t really understand what the \number before some of the letters are for…

Note that I assume you are still using v5.3 based on your comment.

In v5.3, the \ number is a control code that determines button width and other features. In v6.0, control codes are no longer used, partially because they are difficult to understand (like you’ve seen).

You should be able to duplicate the old keyboard array in your own source file, change the characters to what you wish (preserving the control codes), and then set the new array with lv_kb_set_map.

Okay then, thank you for the response! I assume this would still be doable if I updated to v6.0? I plan to change my version soon.

Yes. As far as I know, everything you could do in 5.3 is still doable in 6.0 - you just might have to use a slightly different method. But in this case the steps should be similar.

Could you share a very minimal code what we can try in the PC simulator?

I think it was something wrong with how I was compiling it, but I got it working in the end. Thanks for the help!