Adding Audio Support to ffmpeg Player


We are working on a project that includes a video player. We’ve added the FFmpeg player natively supported by LVGL to this project and it perfectly works as we needed. One thing that is missing from this feature is the ability to play audio.

We understand that this feature is not yet supported by LVGL and there is no information about when this feature will be supported shortly.

We are now trying to implement our code to support this feature as we need this feature relatively soon.

Is it possible to integrate our code to LVGL codebase when we are done with the implementation? Or is there any roadmap for this feature that we are missing?



Hi Dian,

It’s great that you are working on it. Yes, I’m very open to add it to LVGL as many users could benefit from such a solution. Feel free to open a pull request or an issue the discuss this improvement.