Add true Label support to Window header

Not unrelated to my other feature suggestion: being able to control the title label on window headers by setting it’s long mode would be a spectacular add, especially for dynamically generated titles. I worry it may add too much complexity to the window/header object to have it contain a fully fleshed out label, but perhaps if it’d have a mode to apply a proper long mode as if it were one would be sufficient? I’d like to see the “sel” functionality too, but that certainly seems a larger endeavor.


How would you select text on a window’s titlebar and still be able to drag the window around?

I… I don’t have an answer for that! :joy: Maybe scratch that one then, until it makes more sense to me!

I suppose I hadn’t considered it since all of my uses with windows right now has been with only encoders and keypads, dragging hasn’t been on my radar much.

According to our current plans text will be part of lv_obj in the future. In this case the title can be part of the header object and all the label related feature will be available.

But it’s still only a plan now. See the discussion here.