Add an image into a page ,scroll will make lvgl crash

Dear Sir:
I am using lvgl7.11 with my own image decoder,so if it is static object…it run well

but when I added it into a page …when scroll the page , the system will crash …I think maybe it is when wen do scroll it ,it will make keep rendering the screen ,than mean the decoder can’t follow the scroll gesture requirment …is there are way to solve it or make the scroll can wait the decoder for full rendering



Note that, v7 is no longer supported. Would it be an option for you to migrate to v8?

Dear friend:

        it is too much that  A new big version in every single year.

It’s not a big deal that a new big version in every single year, but the api of lvgl keep changing with different big version may cause trouble when you migrate to a new big version :joy:

I suggest the following:

  • Try out the UI in one of our simulators
  • Reproduce the original issue first
  • After that create an image with a custom decoder on a screen (not on a page)
  • Add a cursor image to the mouse and start moving the cursor over the image. (Maybe it’s already added)

Does it crash this way too?

I made it work very well…thanks …but as our chip is very slow as 150Mhz…decoder took too much CPU resource …finally not add into my products…so the crash is becuase CPU can’t handle it for decompress…

thanks anyway

Is there a setting for how many images appear at once? Too many occurrences at once can occupy memory, and scrolling may cause confusion.