Add a thumbs up like to the forum

I am not sure if this is the same in all countries of the world But the heart emoticon has the meaning of “love” here in the US. “like” would be a thumbs up. Me personally I have a range of agreement to a response. I don’t necessarily “love” every single response that can be considered as a correct response. Like would be more suited to a correct response and love would be to a response that say is a correct way and is also a better way. I want to be able to give out more in the way of recognition of a correct answer I am having an issue with giving the “love” for them.

I guess it is a personal OCD thing, I feel there are different levels of acceptance of a response and it would be nice if there was a way to show what level of acceptance there actually is. I would imagine there is a plugin for the forum software that would add this ability. I have not checked personally. If it is a plugin that is paid and the price is reasonable, I would be willing to pay for it if there is agreement from the upper management and the users about adding the functionality.

I’ve found a plugin exactly for tis purpose: Discourse Reactions - plugin - Discourse Meta

The only issue is that requires restarting the Forum which takes ~10 minutes. I’ll schedule a restart for Sunday and add that plugin.

awesome. I think this would be a good edition to the forum.