About the max width/height of image and max div line count of chart

file “lvgl\src\draw\lv_img_buf.h” has following 2 lines
uint32_t w : 11; /Width of the image map/
uint32_t h : 11; /Height of the image map/
This means the max width/height of the image map is 2048.

file “lvgl\src\extra\widgets\chart\lv_chart.h” and “lvgl\src\extra\widgets\chart\lv_chart.c” have following line:
void lv_chart_set_div_line_count(lv_obj_t * obj, uint8_t hdiv, uint8_t vdiv)
This means the max chart div line count is 256.

I think the above 2 limits are unreasonable, the max value is too small. Could you increase the bits of these 2 values?

Yes, and it’s hard to change now because we need to keep binary compatibility with older versions. I’m planning to extend it in v9.

It’s easy to change. uint16_t could work too. But I can hardly imagine a chart with > 255 div lines.

We could use one of the reserved bits to indicate that the image format has been extended and add another uint16_t for each axis.

I’m a little bit worried about the extra complexity of managing 2 “native” headers in both Little Endian and Big Endian systems and binary and C formats.

I see no problem with that.