A quick update on the Forum

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick update on behalf of @kisvegabor and I to let you know that our rate of answering questions will be changing slightly.

In the past we have been trying to read and respond to every post. Unfortunately, with the growing popularity of LVGL, and our other commitments, it is proving difficult and unsustainable for us to continue answering questions in this manner.

We have also realized that our previous approach of covering every question left little room for community involvement. Over the last few days we have experimented with answering substantially less questions than normal, and I have already noticed several users helping to answer questions. Thanks for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Our plan is to continue this new approach for a while and see how things go. We are also hoping that the community will step in and help us triage questions which can be answered v.s. questions where not enough information has been provided. That helps us judge where our assistance is really needed, and lets us answer more questions in less time.

Looking forward to hearing feedback and suggestions!


The formal form that is required to ask questions comes with the expectation that it will be answered by the official LVGL team. Now that questions will be directed to the community, maybe it’s a good time to relax that formal requirement?

Just a thought.

Thanks for bringing this up.

The template is intended to be a guide for what information to put in your question. The original rationale for requiring users to fill out the template was that we were getting a number of unclear questions which were difficult to answer in a useful manner. However, if the question is clear, we don’t really mention or enforce use of the template.

I will update the wording on the templates to make the intent clearer.

" We will not respond in detail to posts where you haven’t read the relevant documentation.

If ‘we’ will now mean the LCGL community, it may be interpreted as a dogmatic and non tolerant community, were nobody gives a slack to new comers. :wink:

True. I’ve removed it for now.