A question about littlevgl offline conversion tool

Hi, Everyone.
I downloaded the font conversion project from https://github.com/littlevgl/lv_font_conv and put it on my server. There is no problem in opening the page. The interface is the same as online conversion, but after clicking the conversion button, the page refreshes and no file is generated.
Am I wrong? My server runs in the docker of synchronization, php7.0.

Please open the developer tools by pressing F12 and take a screenshot of any errors/warnings that are there.

Thank you for reminding me. I checked it again, as shown in the figure, and found that the index.js file reported an error : require is not defined.
I checked that there is a convert.js file in the Lib directory.


I know what’s happening. You can’t serve the web directory directly; you have to run npm run build and then serve the dist directory. web contains uncompiled JavaScript that won’t work directly in a browser.

Thank you.:smiley:
That should be the problem. I had a hard time installing NPM and nodejs in CentOS, but I was not familiar with Linux, so I decided not to build it myself.:joy: