A message from the core LittlevGL team

This is a message from the core development team of LittlevGL (@embeddedt and @kisvegabor).

We appreciate that you have been active in asking questions on the LittlevGL forum and that there has been such civil discussion.

Unfortunately, as open-source developers with limited free time, it has been difficult for us to keep up with all of the discussions happening.

In order to better manage our limited time that we can work on this project, we will be reducing our activity on the forum. This means that you will experience longer wait times to get an answer to your questions.

For those who require faster service, we will be offering a paid support plan in future which will expedite the response to your queries.

We would also like to invite those who feel confident and have some experience with LittlevGL to help us answer questions. That way, the load will be better distributed among the community.

Thanks for reading, and for using LittlevGL.

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If anyone needs any help on anything feel free to @ me. Through writing a GUI editor and having to serialize and deserialize all lvgl object I’m getting pretty wize


This is understandable and I am sure everyone will support the change. I appreciate all the LittlevGL team has been doing and again thanks for LittlevGL.


Just as a suggestion, I think it’s not bad to give points to the community members and gamify it more, Like StackOverflow.
Based on the points members earned, some priority can be assigned to them.
These points can be based on the right answers they gave in the forum, their useful questions, their pull request they sent or any other kinds of help they give to the LVGL community.

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I’ve search for it and found this topic. So it’s supported via badges and there is no plan to add a StackOverflow like system. :frowning:

This is the closest we can get:

It has upvoting but not downvoting. Also, switching the plugin would probably remove all existing solutions on questions. :neutral_face: