A LVGL C++ wrapper

I started building a wrapper around LVGL for C++.

I intend to develop more than a simple wrapper, more like a high level GUI API around LVGL, avoiding usage of mask’s and enumerations and using inline procedures as much as possible ( today most compilers are able to group inline procedures that do same operation on same primitive in a row like and/or if the right optimizer is used ) and widget child’s be set by user from parents as much as possible like parent and children’s are a single object, something more like Qt.

In current stage (V0.1.2)include almost a 1:1 API translator for widgets directory with small features add, like:


After several hours of writing is good enough, is pretty usable.

Is build around LVGL 8.3.10

Amazing! :star_struck:

Do you generate the binding automatically or is it written by hand?

Is by hand, cuz I will not stop at a simple adapter, I want to include more detailed and per widget features code add, more like a higher later of abstraction above LVGL, but to increase as little as possible the footprint of the library.
For that, being new in LVGL ( I like very much your work, I started using it several days ago in a pretty simple project and i have been extremely positively impressed about it, will become the de-facto lib in any future projects I’ll need a UI on :smiley: ), I need it to study it’s functionality first, and there is no better way to do that than going thru all functions manually :sweat_smile:.

So happy to hear that! Please keep us posted about the progress. :slight_smile: