A good starting example for Raspberry Pico and ST7789 display

I’m very new to LVGL and I want to try it on my Raspberry Pico RP2040 with a Waveshare ST7789 display (with touch)

I looked in many examples but I can’t find one to start with … I read that something needs to be compiled, but why isn’t there a library already made to include? I want to use it with micropython, I only know a little bit of python … Can you help me find a fool proof step by step tutorial? Something like: download this, do this, upload this … etc …

I’m on macOS with Thonny
Thank you

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This may or may not be of use. It was not done in Micro Python, but it could possibly be adapted.

@deonm i have the same board (maybe it is useful as information if someone uses it and knows how to help me)