A full-screen list that will block sliding operations In tabview

In tabview, create a full-screen list that will block sliding operations.
So, I can’t switch tabs on this list.
How to solve this problem?
Thank you.

I assume you’re using version 6.x. You can try enabling scroll propagation with lv_page_set_scroll_propagation(list, true), although I’m not sure if this works for the horizontal case.

In 7.0 I’m pretty sure this will work out of the box.

yes,it is not work in 6.x.Is there any other way?
When is version 7.0 officially released?

Thank you very much.

The release is planned for 18 May.

(from https://github.com/littlevgl/lvgl/issues/1483)

Hello, could you give me some suggest for my topic?