8ms Tool- A Free Cross-platform Rapid Prototyping Development Tool for Developers

Do you wanna complete a week’s UI work in one day? The 8ms platform will satisfied you! No need to build a compilation environment, no need to write code. Make UI design easy and convenient for everyone! And its free use now!

Introduction of 8ms: 8ms platform is a free cross-platform rapid prototyping development tool for developers! To achieve interface editing and logic code writing by dragging and dropping the mouse, to finish application design without code compelling. It supports the development of ESP32 platform with screen solutions now.

And the technical sources of esp32 and ssd201 / 202 are opened in 8ms platform.
Welcome you guys to do GUI design in 8ms platform!

I have been using this platform with the wt32-sc01. I have to use VS Code in order to make anything that works. The 8ms interface seems to be missing many elements still. I see that some elements are still being added, but I have begun to use the LVGL API directly because I can not keep transferring my code to an incomplete gui. The documentation for 8ms also seems to be missing many parts of documents for the english language. I would go back to using 8ms if it was more complete. I only use 8ms now to see how my stylings will look. It would also be nice if I could edit the complete code in the code editor part and not just the added element parts. It makes it hard to add custom code in the proper parts of the program. I like this WT32-SC01 board its very flexible for prototyping, except it was delivered with a dead pixel.

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Thanks for your feedback! The 8ms tool is still being improving. Any technical support you need plz contact as support@wireless-tag.com .