8ms blockly in English

Hi guys, happy new year. I got my first WT32-SC01 a few weeks ago and am playing with it when I get time. I have tried squareline studio which looks great but when I export the files and import into arduino IDE, I get all sorts of errors so for the time being, I put that to one side.

I have also tried the 8ms.xyz website which does not have as many features but I have managed to create a screen, compile and load to the device and when I push the buttons, I can see it is being detected. So, next I want to start attaching code to button presses etc but when I switch to blockly on the website, it is all in Chinese despite the gui designer screen being in English. I have seen tutorials where the blockly is in English so obviously, it is possible, I just cant see a way to change it. Maybe I’m missing something.

If anyone has the answer, please help, I’d love to get my Hottub controller working!

Thanks, Steve

do you know how to write any kind of code at all? Is this your first time getting the proverbial feet wet working with microcontrollers?

Really? Thats all the help you can give?

Actually, I’ve been coding for about 40 years. I’ve been using Arduino’s STM32 and ESP32 for quite some time too. But, this is my first time trying to create GUIs on a microcontroller.

What is more, I do not read Chinese - is that some sort of crime in the microcontroller world? Should I be flogged for thinking that pinyin is either some sort of alcoholic cocktail or a character in ‘The King and I’

What exactly is it about my post that gives you the right to be so sarcastic.

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I would add a fourth bullet point - If you want to be a twat, be a twat somewhere else.

So, I have since found out that when I use 8ms.xyz on my iPad, I get blockly in English and when I open the website on my PC in Edge, I get it in Chinese. Neither of which have the option to change languages. How in the creation of crows shit does that have any refection as to whether this is my first time or not. If you cant say something helpful, say nowt. PLEASE.


I must admit I have no knowledge of what the code generated by 8ms looks like (I had not heard of it until now), but is it perhaps possible to add these event callbacks yourself?

Check the documentation on events:

If you were to assign events to objects generated by 8ms by hand, you would basically have this functionality right?

As for translating 8ms, you might contact the creators of 8ms “Wireless tag”: https://en.wireless-tag.com/p-contact.html . It seems to me that the mobile version of the blockly editor does have support for English perhaps? Quite strange.

A third option would be to bite the bullet and figure out how to get Squareline working with LVGL with the Arduino IDE, I am sure there are plenty of forum posts about that, as Arduino IDE is quite common. Just so you know, you don’t need to use any of the officially supported boards with Squareline, custom board is also possible. Personally I would advice to try to get Squareline studio working, it is the official software used for designing interfaces with LVGL, developed by the main developers of LVGL itself.

Really?? and that’s the answer you give me???

as a reminder since you seem to need one…

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Your the one that came here and asked a question about some other companies software. Blockly is a tool that is used by people that have no experience with programming. My question was asked to ascertain you level of knowledge/experience. I am sure having your level of knowledge if I has instead responded in a manner that would be more suited to someone with no programing experience you would have found that offensive.

I don’t know who you are or what you know. For all I know you could be the next Einstein, all I can make are assumptions based on the information that has been given. Had I done that and assumed you were a newbie you would have gotten mad at that. I ask a simple question and you get mad at that. Damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

So from you response I learned that trying to offer you any assistance would be like tiptoe’n on eggshells. Strange that you are asking for help here. 40 years of experience you said?

Ahhh Bart Bart. * Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people.
From where you have idea, that somebody here help you with 8ms?
Complete OOT question is fair start with "Sorry peaple , i have troble with OOT…

The WT32-S01 is made by the same company who offer 8ms.xyz as a development platform. 8ms.xyz uses LVGL and other people have posted on here with questions about it. So, because it does use LVGL and others have posted, I got the vague idea that there may be someone who might have an answer. I thought that those who didn’t know would simply ignore the post.

As for walking on eggshells, you may be right, I buried my Mum 13 days before Christmas but your ‘simple question’ doesn’t make it clear that is what it was, sounded very much like sarcasm to me, sorry. I will try to have thicker skin in future.