Where to go for LVGL help when you’re at a stuck point?

This is my first time working on a solo project with an external library. I’m used to leaning on my team leads and coworkers for support with seriously difficult bugs but since I’m on my own with this, I’m not sure where to turn to. My forum posts haven’t gotten any responses, and I tried to find paid help on Wyzant but none of the tutors who I reached out to knew how to work with LVGL. So for experienced engineers who have managed to overcome embedded problems when you’ve run out of things to try: what do you do? Do you try to start the project from scratch, look for alternative libraries, pay for consultants, something else entirely? Is LVGL generally this difficult for everyone to get working on MCUs or did I royally screw something up along the way?


It shouldn’t be that complicated. :slight_smile:

I’ve checked your posts and it seems you have issues mainly with the drivers not really LVGL. We started to work on a better and broader driver support but it will take some time to have something useful. :frowning:

Can you link the post which shows your most recent issue. I’ll take look.

If you need something professional for your business we also do consulting and other kind of service. See the detail here: Services - Speed up your development | LVGL

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Thank you! Are the consulting services primarily only for businesses? This post is my current stuck point.

Start with the simulator, which uses w32drv. Then use fbdev on your board, it is easy.

I gave up on the simulator when it segfaulted after setting mono theme. There seems to be little support for monochrome displays with LVGL, as I also couldn’t find any information related to the fault online. I don’t find it easy, personally. Do you have experience using LVGL with monochrome displays?

That’s hardware related problem, but not very hard, I think.
Simulator runs on Windows or Ubuntu, with your LCD, so use 32bit color format is suitable. It’s possible to implement a monochrome driver on Windows if you like.
And what you want is not a theme, it is low level driver. You’d better to know the hardware, register, or something firstly.

Your drivers seem good at first look.

I suggest trying out calling flush with a hand-crafted small image without really using LVGL. Does it result in a correct output?

Not only for businesses, but as it’s paid service it’s usually interesting for businesses.