What happened to lv_test_theme?

What happened to lv_examples\lv_tests\lv_test_theme and both really nice lv_test_theme_x sample apps? Are they removed permanently? They were really nice especially because they showed animations. They were sort of LVGL flagship demos (I would add LVGL logo to them). Most other examples are static and do not expose certain types of issues.

They were rewritten. As far as I know the new lv_demo_widgets is essentially the same thing.

@embeddedt The original lv_test_theme_2 was nicely ‘auto animated’.
Are there any animation demos available that you are aware of?
I mean, something which would make the widgets move without any user action.

@embeddedt Never mind, thanks, I got it. I just need to set LV_USE_DEMO_WIDGETS & LV_DEMO_WIDGETS_SLIDESHOW=1.
Btw, are there any typical reason why such animation causes hard fault?

I’d guess that it’s because the display is being redrawn frequently and things like memory corruption will become much more visible.

If you are trying to stress-test your system I would recommend lv_demo_stress. It’s designed to put heavy load on the library.

@embeddedt Thank you, I figured it out. The problem was data misalignment.
lv_demo_widgets works like a dream :slight_smile:

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