What does this info log mean? (image caching)


I have logging turned on and every time I load an image, I get this log:

[00:00:01:092][LVGL][INFO][../thirdparty/lvgl/src/lv_draw/lv_img_cache.c][120][image draw: cache miss, cached to an empty entry]

Board/MCU: SAME54 Xplained Pro (ATSAME54P20A)
IDE: Atmel Studio 7 (ASF4/Atmel Start)
Compiler: Gcc

I’m just curious as to what this means. Is there a way I can enable caching somehow? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I am really new to lvgl. I know I can enable caching on my mcu, but is it possible to link this caching to lvgl? Or is that even what it means?

This is not related to CPU caching, but rather internal bitmap caching LittlevGL does to speed up the drawing of images. It’s already enabled; the message just tells you that there was no existing cache entry for the image so a new one was created.