Webdemo vs Simulator widget activation


when i run the web widget demo and want to scroll and accidential start the scrolling in a widget, in this case the switch for teamplayer, the switch is not activated. When i do the same in the simulator the switch always gets activated

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

Simulator on Linux

What LVGL version are you using?

latest v8 from github

What do you want to achieve?

Not activate the switch, or other widgets, when scrolling

What have you tried so far?

clear the LV_OBJ_FLAG_SCROLL_CHAIN flag for the switch. This prevents the activation of the scrolling, but i have the feeling this is nor the correct way to prevent the behaviour

Code to reproduce

Run the widgets demo in the simulator

lv_obj_clear_flag(sw1, LV_OBJ_FLAG_SCROLL_CHAIN);

Screenshot and/or video




nobody knows, or did have this problem ?

Looks for me rather an issue when the tabs are moved by touching and the finger is on an widget.
On Linux framebuffer it is almost impossible to move the tabs as most of the time the finger will hit a widget.