Ways to speed up LVGL code?


I am following a youtube video to flash an LVGL code into the same hardware as the video (ILI9488).
Assuming the code and the hardware are identical, I am getting much slower response on my side. (122FPS vs 46 FPS).

I am thinking the only difference here must be LVGL config since everything else seems to be the same.

So in general, what are the ways to speed up the code and increase fps? Should I increase some memory variable or something?


it could be DMA memory and it could also be graphics acceleration. it could also be a lie, it is Youtube and all


The test is real time so I am assuming it is not a lie.

What is graphic acceleration? DMA memory is a variable in lvgl config code?


I have a funny feeling that the demo was tampered with to give higher readings in that video.

point in fact.