Trying to get littvgl working on monochrome display

I have read the porting options to get the library working on a system as well as looked at the example for a monochrome colour display. Problem is it is not as easy as it is explained so I end up with more problems than I began with.

Please can I have the complete zipped directory for the code " by Written by costascal on May 06, 2019" if possible…There are many other switches in the include file that need to be configured and have not been shown in the example…

Thanks Her

I have notified CostasCal of your request.

Awesome - thanks Pie.

I assume you meant “embeddedt” rather than “Pie”? :smiley:

Hi embeddedt - yes sorry only looked at the II symbol

I never heard anything back… but I will let you know if I do at some time in the future.