Touchpadless navigation example questions

I’m using esp32 and platformIO

I’d like to use up/down/left/right/OK external keys to navigate the GUI and found there is a touchpadless navigation example which is I’m lookinfg for. It navigates among the objects using the Tab key. But when I look into the code, I don’t see the code reads external tab key or arrow key. Does anyone know how it works? Even in lv_indev.c there is no code handle tab/up/down keys. Thank you very much!

Take a look at this:

Thank you very much! I updated key and key state in the forever loop. It seems working. But not sure if it is the correct way to do this. Another questions, I want a splash screen at the beginning, how to do this? Is there an example? Thank you!

Please open a new topic for a different question.

Can you reload please the example of the navigation tutorial, link now not available

This is probably the closest example:

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Thanks for the help