The list object can dynamic loading?

I need use list do an file exploer,but the number of files are too much, I want to dynamic loading files,only a few files will show in the list

You would have to implement this yourself; the list doesn’t have any built-in support for dynamically adding objects.

the object coord limit can enlarge?now is short int, i try to change it to int , it is hung

Are you trying to change it in lv_conf.h? Did you ensure that all of the old object files were cleaned and the project was successfully rebuilt? Weird stuff is likely to happen if half of the code still assumes that lv_coord_t is a smaller size.

It’s not clear exactly what you’ve tried and what went wrong. Please explain in more detail.

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I want to add lv_coord_t value, because it is short int type, it is not enough,

Did you try my suggestions above? What were the results? You’ve mostly just repeated your previous post.