Test Littlevgl 6.1 Simulator with Code::Blocks

Hi there,
i tested the newest Project from GitHub with CODE::BLOCKS Version 17.12.
Compilation is OK! Then i added my own testcode for a part of my GUI and changed only the Displaysize in “lv_conf.h” to:
#define LV_HOR_RES_MAX 800
#define LV_VER_RES_MAX 480

But the simulated Display at my WIN10 PC has the same size as with
#define LV_HOR_RES_MAX 480
#define LV_VER_RES_MAX 272

One year ago i tested the same Code with Littvgl Version 5.3 and the related older CODE::BLOCK LVGL Demo and with this Version the Display size changes if i change "LV_HOR_RES_MAX " and “LV_VER_RES_MAX”.

If i load this older CODE::BLOCKS Project in my CODE::BLOCK; it works well with different Display resolutions!

What is wrong?

best regards

Note the names of the settings you are changing: LV_HOR_RES_MAX. It’s not the same setting from 5.3.

The MAX settings don’t affect the final width/height of the window, but rather the maximum values of each.

To change the window size for the Windows driver, you also need to change these settings in lv_drv_conf.h.

thanks! Works well!
best regards